Hafthor (the mountain) bjornsson

Hafþór (Hafthor) began competing in strongman after an injury to his ankle ended his basketball career. In 2009, powerlifting star Benedikt Magnusson, saw Hafþór in the gym and encouraged him to compete in Iceland’s Strongest Viking which was being held the next day.

So, Hafþór called Magnus Ver Magnusson who was running the event and Magnus allowed him to enter despite the short notice. With no real training, Hafþór won one event and made an Icelandic record in stone carrying. An Icelandic record, it should be noted is not insignificant as Magnus Ver Magnusson was a four-time winner of the TWI World‘s Strongest Man Contest and Jon Pall Sigmarsson won the event four times. No other country has done so well.

After this auspicious beginning, Hafþór was hooked and began training solely for strongman competitions. Since 2009, he has won seven competitions. He currently holds the titles of Iceland’s Strongest Man, Iceland’s Strongest Viking and Iceland’s Strongest Troll.


– Winner, WoW stronger
– 2nd Place Arnold Classic
– Winner, Europe’s Strongest Man (England)


– 5th place, Arnold Classic (USA)

– Winner Arnold Classic (Australia)

– Winner Arnold Classic (Brazil)

– Winner Arnold Classic (South Africa)

– 2nd place, Europe’s Strongest Man (England)

– 2nd place, World Strongest Man (Botswana)

– Winner Icelandic National Strongman (Iceland)


– 1 place, Giants live Sweden

– Winner World Strongest Viking (Norway)

– 7th place, Arnold Classic (USA)

– 4th place, SCL Finnland (Finnlandi)

– Winner SCL Bulgaria (Bulgaria)

– Winner SCL Croatia (Croatia)

– Winner  Giants Live Grindavík (Iceland)

– Winner Icelandic national Strongman (Iceland)

– Winner Europe‘s  Strongest Man (England)

– 3rd place, World Strongest Man (Malaysia)


– Guinness World Record In weight for height with 12.5 kg keg. (China)

– 5th place, Arnold Classic (USA)

– Winner  Giants Live FitX (Australia)

– 2nd place  World Strongest Man (USA)

– Winner World strongest Viking (Norway)

– 3rd place Arnold Classic (Brazil)

– Winner Dumbbell press Arnold Classic (Brazil)

– Winner Battle of the north (Faeroe Island)

– Winner SCL Serbia (Serbia)

– Winner SCL Finland (Finland)

– Winner Icelandic national strongman

– Guinness World Record  Fridge carry (Italy)

– Winner SCL Holland (Holland)

– Guinness World Record  Fastest time to pull 10 cars over 20 m.(Italy)

– Guinness World Record  Keg Toss over height (Italy)

– Winner Europe‘s Strongest Man (England)

– Winner SCL Malaysia (Malaysia)


– 8th place, Arnold Classic (USA)

– 2nd place SCL Fibo (Germany)

– 2nd place Arnold Classic (Brazil)

– Winner SCL (Latvia)

– Winner, Icelandic national strongman (international)

– 2nd place SCL (Holland)

– 4th place, Europe strongest man (England)

– 2nd place SCL (China)

– 5th place SCL (Finnland)

– 3rd place, World Strongest Man (China)

– 3rd place SCL (Russia)

– 5th place SCL (Lithuania)

– 3rd place SCL (Brazil)

– 5th place SCL (Malaysia)


-10th place, Arnold Classic (USA)

– Winner, King of the Castle (Finland)

– Winner, Iceland strongest man

– Winner, Icelandic national strongman (international)

– Winner, Westfjord Viking (International)

– 5th place, Europe strongest man (England)

– Winner, Eastfjord Troll

– Winner, Team Ultimate Strongman (Ireland)

– Winner, Iceland vs Canada 2 man team competition (Canada)

– 3rd place, World Strongest Man (USA)

– 6th place, Arnold Classic Europe (Madrid)

– Winner, Icelandic national strongman (international)


– Winner, Iceland strongest man

– Winner, Icelandic national strongman

– Winner, Akranes strength challange

– Winner, Westfjord Viking (International)

– 2nd place, Arnold Classic amateur strongman contest (USA)

– 6th place, World Strongest Man

– 5th place,  Strongman Champions League in Canada


– Winner, Iceland strongest man

– 3rd, Icelandic national strongman

– 2nd place, Ukraine vs. Europe

– International Strongman Match 2010 (Ukrainu)

– Winner, Westfjord Viking (International)

– Winner, Highland Viking

– Winner, Eastfjord Troll

– 2nd place, Jón Páll Sigmarsson Classic (International)


– 4th place, Westfjord Viking (International).

– 3rd place, Grundarfjord Viking.

– 3rd place, Highland Viking.

– 2nd place, Eastfjord Troll.