Former girlfriend’s charges of physical assault proven groundless; Police cancels investigation

Update on accusations of physical assault obtained from Hafthor’s lawyer

Former girlfriends charges of physical assault proven groundless; Police cancels investigation

Following is an update of the complaint filed by Hafthor’s former girlfriend in June 2017 for physical assault and violence, Police Case No. 007-2017-34037

Police Case No. 007-2017-34037 has been brought to an end by letter from the Commissioner of Police in the Area of the Capital (Greater Reykjavik Area), dated 09 August 2017, in which the Commissioner has decided “… that the facts brought to light during the investigation are not deemed adequate or likely to secure a conviction, ….”.

This Decision of the Commissioner is final, as the Complainant, Hafthor’s former girlfriend, did not appeal against this Decision to the Prosecutor General, as she was entitled to do within one month counted from the date of the Decision.

The Prosecutor General has confirmed on 19 September 2017 that no appeal had by then been received from the Complainant. Hence, the Decision of the Commissioner of 09 August 2017, to cancel the case and the Police Investigation, is final.

Hafthor’s former girlfriend with whom he broke up with in March 2017 is the only individual who has ever filed against Hafþór a complaint for physical assault or violence. These accusations have now been deemed groundless by the Police in Iceland and the Prosecution Authorities in Iceland.